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PP team training

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

July 4th holds a major significance for Americans. They got their independence on that day

4th of July this year held a lot of significance also this year.

Progress Partners had their annual training sessions at thane on that day.

With a lot of new faces in our expanded team, the sessions varied from basic to advanced. Our managers, Abhishek Patade and Sandeep Chavan covered Retail Audit process, controls and reporting. Suvidha Bhatt explained what we need to do for our new audits of educational institutions. Mayura covered office rules and regulations.

Our partner Amit Kumar held the group captivated with his presentation on grooming in a professional environment. Improvements were visible even before his session was over 🙂

Saswata Banerjee, our senior partner undertook the training of the entire team on the Internal Audits being conducted at bangalore for our clients including Safal SDF. He also gave a detailed and comprehensive training on Legal Compliance, which is getting a major boost with a number of new audits commencing.

Our veteran leaders – Abhishek, Sandeep, Lokesh and Vikrant were gifted a set of watches in recognition of their efforts and good work during the last year. I hope to have more on the list next year. Keep up the good work, boys.

Some others from the team were given awards for their presentation. Ashish Baid got one for asking the most pertinent and intelligent questions.

Our team is now ready for the challenges of this year !!!